What You Should Be Doing In Your 20s If You Want To Get Pregnant Someday
Nov 22, 2015 - Mind Body Green
Women are increasingly struggling with precursors to fertility problems while in their teens and twenties, in the form of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, endometriosis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and ovarian cysts.  Part of the problem is that there's an unprecedented amount of chemical exposure in our environment, which not only raises our estrogen levels, bur interferes with our natural endocrine function...
Predicting Cognitive "D"ecline
Nov 12, 2015 - Brain and Mental Performance
A number of previous studies suggest that Vitamin D deficiency associates with brain structural abnormalities and cognitive impairments...
8 Ways Coconut Oil Can Heal Your Body
July 3, 2015
I'll admit it.  I really geek out over anything that makes boty my body and soul feel nourished.  My husband just rolls his eyes at me and says "Yes, Dear" when I really get going...
Integrative Medicine Breaks into Convention. 
July 6, 2014
There has been a change in the winds of healthcare.  The traditional approach to medicine is treating an illness as one isolated problem, as opposed to looking at the patient as an entire system.  Physicians are now beginning to focus more on treating the patient, not just the symptoms.  

Testosterone and Heart Disease. 

February 11, 2014

Low testosterone levels may be related to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Using Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to Find Relief From Menopause. 

June 6, 2012 - FoxNews.com

Menopause is a natural condition that all women will experience in their lifetime.  The hormonal decline that occurs with menopause causes uncomfortable symptoms that lead many women to seek relief.  

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